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Not feeling your clothes are representing you?
Had a life change and no idea how to dress for who you are today?

Not feeling your clothes are representing you?
Had a life change and no idea how to dress for  who you are today?

Embark on a transformative journey tailored just for you! Our personalised styling sessions are more than just fashion; it's about discovering your unique style story.

Picture this: a safe space for you to be you, your unique style story, and a seasoned stylist dedicated to unveiling your authentic radiance. 

Are you ready for a transformation?

to hold your hand as 

I am here 

we rediscover you.


| Wardrobe Edit |

We go through your current wardrobe to edit it to the things that suit you, work for you and your lifestyle. 

We discover the elements missing in your wardrobe to give you a wearable everyday wardrobe. 

We have a play and create outfits from your existing wardrobe too. 

| Styling Session |

You are keen to refresh your wardrobe and invest in new pieces or you have a special occasion to shop for. We chat about where you are at and what your desires and challenges are. 

We hit the shops looking for wardrobe solutions, learn how to shop for your body shape so you have greater success and confidence when shopping in the future. 


Over three sessions, we edit the existing wardrobe, hunt for the missing items on a shopping session and head back home to create a fresh new wardrobe that is authentically YOU!


For those needing styling support for their personal branding, outfits for presenting or help with your brand shoot, Kymberly can support you to curate outfits to suit you, your brand and the occasion. 

Get ready to unveil a style that's exclusively, wonderfully you!

Together, we'll curate a wardrobe that speaks volumes about you, reflecting your personality with every stitch and fabric. 

We'll explore textures, colours, and designs that resonate with your personality, crafting a wardrobe that feels like an extension of your authentic self.

And I've come to realise, we all need a little help to see the beautiful parts of us.

The ultimate confidence boost

You want to have outfits that bring confidence to your day.

Rid the 'nothing to wear' dilemma

You want to stop the dreaded morning outfit change, the feeling of “nothing to wear”, or simply to celebrate a milestone and curate a wardrobe that appropriately reflects that.

Learn what will actually work for your body

You'll be educated on your body shape, the styles that suit you, what to buy, what to leave and the reasons why.

ready to get starteD? let's go >


Say hello to a confident, empowered you, dressed in outfits that feel like an extension of you. 

“in clothes I loved and with support I felt safe with."

I really appreciated our shopping trip and how you were organised and guided me, dressed me, taught me, helped me.

Everything you did was exactly what I needed and I am very grateful to you. Your input and help meant I could complete a photo shoot in clothes I loved and with support I felt safe with.
You helped in more ways than you realise!!! Thank you.


“Amber is a literal creative genius and what she created for my business

is damn sexy!”

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Are you ready to

craft a style that's

uniquely yours

you are!

and celebrate the 

beautiful individual

Are you ready

to craft a style that's  

uniquely yours

and celebrate the

you are!

beautiful individual